Top 3 things to do in Melbourne

Melbourne feels like a home from home. Often, it’s compared to Manchester – and it’s easy to see why. Melbourne is similar to Manchester for its appreciation of street art and thriving sports teams.

But that’s where the similarities end.

Unlike Manchester, Melbourne is famous for its mesmerising skyline, sandy beaches and scorching sunshine.

The city is packed with a range of activities and attractions – so, whether you’re a backpacker, newbie traveller or seasoned professional – there’s something for everyone. In this blog post, I’ve picked out the top three things to do in Melbourne.

#1 – Shrine of Remembrance

Shrine of Rememberance

It’s incredible. From the minute I set eyes on the memorial, I felt a deep sadness and overwhelming gratitude, for those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Originally the Shrine of Remembrance was built in tribute to those who fought in the First World War. The memorial has since been updated to honour all Australians who’ve served in war.

This significant monument is an architectural marvel – featuring four distinctive courtyards. Each area is unique, through colour and shape, to represent Australia’s involvement in major wars. The prominent design features a lengthy staircase leading to the shrine – in the opposite direction you’re provided with an enchanting view of the city.

#2 – Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens

Peaceful and picturesque. Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens is the ideal spot to get away from the hustle-and-bustle of the city. The gardens boast a wide range of beautiful collections from Australia and the rest of the world.

Not only is the attraction free to enter, but it’s also self-guided. Meaning you can walk at your own leisurely pace and even stop off for a picnic. The relaxing vibe makes the Royal Botanic Gardens the ideal location for you to unwind and recharge.

#3 – Federation Square

Federation Square

Federation Square embodies Melbourne’s culture. It’s home to major attractions, tourism experiences and worldwide events. The public area is full of bars and restaurants. And also features grassy areas to sit and relax.

It’s worth checking the upcoming activities before visiting Federation Square – at major sporting events, Federation Square doubles up as a fan park. Providing a unique opportunity to experience live sport with likeminded people.

About this trip

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to visit Australia. Like most backpackers, we’re traveling the east coast of the sixth largest country in the world, stopping in major cities such as Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns.

Following Australia, we’ll be travelling south-east Asia, visiting Bali, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. I’m going to continue writing blog posts to share my experiences on this fantastic journey.